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2020 Design Competition


June 11th - June 13th

The Stockyards

Fort Worth, Texas

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A Building Designer is first and foremost a professional familiar with all facets of the building trade, whose plans and designs represent the particular needs, style and budget of the client.

A Building Designer is a person involved in the design of buildings, both single-family and multi-family and light commercial.
A Building Designer can be a person who has exactly the same or similar qualifications and experience as registered architects; i.e., a degree in Architecture and many years of experience. The only difference, in many cases, is that they have chosen not to take the state examination required for Architectural registration.
Many Building Designers are also known as “Residential Designers” or “Home Designers”, since they focus mainly on residential design and remodeling.

The work of a Building Designer is varied and may consist of residential, both single and multi-unit, and commercial structures as permitted by the architectural statutes of each state. A Building Designer’s approach to any design is based on the practical, functional and economical solutions that will best fulfill the client’s requirements, while translating these factors into a concept that is both aesthetic and utilitarian.

Custom Residential

Home Additions/Remodel , Multi-Family

Builder Plans , Light Commercial Buildings