Membership Info

Professional Membership

Professional Members are required to obtain 8 CEU credits per year.


Certified Professional Building Designer

Members must meet requirements of and received certification from the National Council of Building Designer Certification and devote 50% or more of their working time to the profession of building design.

Professional Building Designer

Membership requires being engaged in the professional practice of building design for at least five years and devotes 50% or more of their working time to the profession of building design.  Up to two years of related education may be substituted for equal amount of experience.



Membership is for established members who have retired from the practice of building design.  CEU’S are not required of retired members.


General Membership

General Members are not required to obtain CEUs.


Educator Member

Membership is for instructors of subjects pertinent to the profession of building design.


Student Member

Membership consists of students participating in courses of architecture, engineering, architectural drafting or design technology at a university, college, vocational or high school or an individual participating in on-the-job training.


Associate Membership


Business Related Associate

Membership consists of businesses, firms, or corporations whose interests are related to the building design profession and supports the goals of TIBD.


Practicing Associate Member

Membership consists of an individual who is employed by a Professional member of TIBD.