Since 1950, the Texas Institute of Building and Design (TIBD) has been dedicated to the development, recognition & enhancement of the profession of building design by representing the Building Designer, drafter & supplier to the building industry.

TIBD provides its members with information & continuing education seminars concerning the most recent developments in the industry, along with a high degree of professional credibility. Our professional and certified designers are held to the highest standard, and we are incredibly proud to serve as an advocate for all in our community.

What is a building Designer?

Simply put, a Building Designer designs buildings. These professionals have experience with a variety of building types, including both single-family and multi-family homes, along with light commercial work.

Many Building Designers are also known as Residential Designers or Home Designers, since they mainly focus on residential design and remodeling.

A Building Designer has exactly the same or very similar qualifications as a registered architect, often with a degree in Architecture and many years of experience. In many cases, the only difference between a Building Designer and Architect is that a Building Designer has chosen not to take the state examination required for Architectural registration.

What does a building designer do?

The work of a Building Designer is incredibly diverse. It may consist of residential, both single and multi-unit, and commercial structures as permitted by the architectural statutes of each state.

When it comes down to it, a Building Designer is a listener, a problem-solver and a creative. With an eye for beauty and a brain for practicality, their task is to transform a clients vision into an aesthetically beautiful and highly functional space. If you’re looking for someone to design your dream home, office or anything in between, call one of our Building Designers.

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